That Friday Feeling Event 16th March

Guest Speaker - Laura Jones - 7 Marathons in 7 Countries

When: 16th March 2018

Where: The Fontmell Inn, Fontmell Magna, SP7 0PA

What time: 0730 - 0900

Breakfast: Full English, unless otherwise requested

Speaker: Laura Jones, Monix Adventures

How much? £20 includes £5 donation to Laura's choice of charities the Scouts and Johnny Wilkinson's Foundation for Mental Health. More donations welcome click here to donate online if you would prefer.

Friday is a great day for all the right reasons. You're almost finished with work for the week, you might get to see your kids the next day and you can think about letting your hair down for the weekend. So why not kick things off a little earlier than normal and join us for a filling breakfast and some inspiring words from an amazing lady to get you ready for your Friday.

We will also be sponsoring Laura's chosen charities which include: The Johnny Wilkinson Foundation who provide practical help for those with mental health issues and The Scouts who as you know change the lives of young people by helping reach their full potential. 

Forget the usual networking for business groups, this is mixing business with pleasure. We want to inspire you for the days ahead with the chance to meet new people, swap ideas over delicious locally sourced food, listen to an inspiring speaker and raise a little cash for charity at the same time. 

So please join us for the first (of many, we hope) Friday feeling get-togethers. In the future, we will be looking to get outside, running, cycling even swimming as the weather improves but for now let's use the facilities at hand to make a start.

More about Laura

List of Laura's Marathons;

London - Completed April 2017

Everest - Completed May 2017

Patagonia - Completed September 2017

Rottnest, Australia - Completed October 2017

Seattle - Completed November 2017

Yukon Arctic - Completed February 2018

Kilimanjaro - Up next 4th March 2018

I am now one marathon away from completing 7 marathons around the world, in one year. Despite not being able to run 5k before taking on this challenge I have crossed the finish line on the World’s Highest; Everest, battled the harsh winds at the ‘End of the World’ in Patagonia and recently just completed the world’s coldest; The Yukon Arctic just to name a few.

I decided to take on this challenge to demonstrate that no matter your current level of ability, anything is possible. To encourage others to break down their own barriers and overcome the fear of judgement about not being good enough, fit enough or fast enough.  I believe that with enough determination, self-belief and commitment, you can achieve anything. I want to prove to not only myself but others that it doesn’t matter where your starting line is, everyone has it in them to make it to the finish.

It was very important to me that alongside the personal fulfilment side of this challenge, that I am also using it as a great way to raise money and awareness for two worthy causes, The Jonny Wilkinson Foundation & The Scout Association.

The Jonny Wilkinson Foundation gives life-changing support to the members of our community who need it most. Every year, many of us will be affected by mental health issues either directly or through someone we know. Providing practical help and support is at the heart of what we do as we believe that no one should have to struggle alone. We are supporting institutions that, through their work, enable individuals to face huge challenges.

Like many others I have been touched by mental illness in my own life, sadly losing my father when I was 13 years old. This has made me very passionate about raising awareness and understanding around mental health concerns for those suffering now.

The Scouts change the lives of young people and helps them reach their full potential by offering them challenging activities, unique experiences, everyday adventure and the chance to help others so that they can make a positive impact in communities.

Scouts develop skills including teamwork, time management, leadership, initiative, planning, communication, self-motivation, cultural awareness and commitment. Scouts help young people to get jobs, save lives and even change the world.

Donate online here and include gift aid


07:30 - 08:00 Grab a coffee or tea and meet the team

08:00 - 09:40 Time for grub, Full English or something a little healthier (let us know in advance)

08:40 - 09:00 Sit back and be inspired - This weeks talk is by Laura Jones, a local lady who is about to finish her 7th International Marathon on Killimanjaro (yes Africa's highest peak) in May 2017 she completed one to Everest Base Camp. Should be great.

09:00 Question time for Laura followed by more networking. We might organise a bike ride to follow on from the event. So bring your lycra and bike if you have time for an hour in the saddle.

25% discount for anyone who has lunch at the Fontmell on the same day.