The Trafalgar Route

The Trafalgar Route - Falmouth to Launceston

Following the route taken by Ltn Lapentiere, the first officer back from the Battle of Trafalgar in 1792. He carried the first news of the success of the batte and of course the devastating news of Nelson's death to the Admiralty in London. Astonishingly he made London in 24 hours by regular change of horse. Every town and village through which he passed contains a plaque in memory of the battle and the feat. This was our chosen route for 2016

Day by Day Detail

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Falmouth to Launceston 59.2 miles 6,201ft.

Starting in Falmouth with the previous night spent at a Hostel and dinner in a pub. Day 1 involved the ferry to St Mawes Castle followed by winding roads heading North to Ilfracombe.

Start: Falmouth Harbour

Transfer: Ferry to St Mawes

Lunch: Luxylan

Finish: Launceston

Points of Interest:

1. The Village of Minions at the top of the Cornish Alps 994ft up. When we passed it had the Pixar characters on the sign, rumour abounds that they have been forced to remove them by Pixar for copyright infringement.

2. The Goliath Falls, a huge waterfall on the way up to Minions, a struggle to visit having climbed for at least an hour up some pretty steep bits of the Alps.

3. The regular signs showing the Trafalgar way as it passed through the area. 

Launceston to Axminster 73miles 6,425ft

Leaving Launceston in the early dawn, gliding down through the mist and heading parralel to the road to the sun the A303.

Start: Launceston

Lunch: Exeter Cathedral

Finish: Cranberries Accomodation outside Axminster 

Points of Interest: 

  1. Bodmin Moor stretching bleakly away to the right of the mornings ride.
  2. 6 mile hill outside Exeter, the name says it all.
  3. Exeter Cathedral
  4. The hot tub at the Cranberries hotel with views dwon to the sea

Axminster to Child Okeford 65miles 5,022ft

Leaving the luxury accommodation the first few miles are very thin country lanes, up and down towards Bridport and where Broadchurch is filmed. The exit from here leads to Dorset's highest point and on to Minterne where we had an audience with Lord Digby, a descendant of a Trafalgar Captain. Following this fantastic talk, we ended up at our home village of Child Okeford. The Trafalgar route, of course, carries on to London but this was not part of our plan. 

Start: Axminster

First Break: Bridport, The Bull Inn

Lunch: Minterne Magna

Finish: Child Okeford, if you needed accommodation here there is always Hawthorn Cottage. A fabulous B and B run by my missus.

Points of interest:

  1. Highest Point in Dorset
  2. 2 800ft climbs, one steep and one more gentle
  3. Minterne Magna Gardens
  4. Talk by Lord Digby
  5. Seeing a Spanish Dabloon


Budget required:

Number of participants: 16 riders and 2 support crew

Cost per person = £350

Accommodation: £50 per night

Ferry: £2.50 pp

Bus to Falmouth: £20pp

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